Kelly Knox

Kelly Knox is a model and body confidence advocate who believes everybody deserves to feel beautiful, happy and worthy in their own skin. Born without her lower left arm, Kelly chooses not to use prosthetics as an aid, but instead prefers to use them as an accessory to express her personality and explore aspects of her identity.

“I want to change the way society perceives disability – showing disability can be cool, fashionable, beautiful and powerful… it’s like my body is a canvas and when wearing an Alternative Limb, I become the art”

These three pieces were comisioned by Artlink Hull and the National Museum of Scotland where The Vine is now on permanent display.




On working with The Alternative Limb Project:

“I really enjoyed creating a mood board and you interpreted it brilliantly. It felt personable and exciting.
Wearing these pieces helps redefine beauty and changes the image society sees when they think of disability.
I hope by wearing them I can inspire others who have missing limbs – so they can feel proud and empowered by their difference knowing everything and anything is possible..
These pieces are wearable art and fashion statements/ accessories”