What Inspires Me?

I’m proud to be part of a movement that explores and celebrates body diversity. From sociological, biological and technological perspectives, we as a species are taking our evolution into our own hands. We design our future. We no longer limit ourselves to binary categories. Our bodies are not just practical, they are the windows to our soul: fashion, body language, body building, body modification, makeup, plastic surgery, gender reassignment – our bodies and appearance can be the ultimate expression. This fascinates and inspires me. We are living in incredibly exciting times.

Having made almost a 1000 prosthetic limbs over the years, I know just how unique the human body is – the colour, texture, shape, the way it moves. I’ve studied the translucency of skin, the way it changes colour, how it feels to touch – each part is as individual as a signature.

Working with amputees, I realised how important it was to produce a bespoke limb; creating a hyper realistic limb wasn’t just about looking real, but also being unique, just as bodies are unique.

With the Alternative Limb Project, I wanted to take this idea to the next level and look at how we could design limbs as an expression and as an exploration into the reimagining of the body.

I am inspired by my clients, their stories and their imagination. I am also inspired by everything, from the everyday, to nature, technology and sci-fi. On one hand, we are becoming more integrated with computers and technology, and on the other we are harnessing biological science, gene editing and growing human materials like flesh and bone. Who knows what we will look like in 500 years time. I also have a playful nature, which comes across in many of my projects – not everything has to have a practical purpose, humans are one of the few species on Earth that partake in activities ‘just for fun’.

If you could redesign a body part, how would it look?

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