Viktoria Modesta

Singer/songwriter and performing artist


“Initially, after my voluntary operation, I mostly wanted to get a leg that provided balance to my body in its shape.  Three years after the amputation, I then saw it as an opportunity to regard the leg as a fashion item and an art project which seemed rather fun and exciting.

My natural curiosity and strong belief that it’s important to take control of your own body and most importantly improve it or reflect your personality through altered body image, meant that facing a life of physical deformity and acceptance of the cards that were dealt to me wasn’t an option I wanted to take.  I was very sure that by losing my natural damaged limb I would gain better health and most importantly control over it all.

It was really fascinating watching people’s reactions because most of them were speechless. Some had never stood next to a person with a prosthetic limb and the ideas they might have of what an amputee might look or act like is, in most cases, negative.  So when they do clock my appearance and then see the leg, it is very challenging for them.  Most importantly when the limb is attached and I’m walking with it in my full composure it has a power that is beyond something that can be described.”