Project details

The arm with a pulse.
A collaborative design by Sophie de Oliveira Barata & Dani Clode
For Kelly Knox
Photography by Omkaar Kotedia
The Alternative Limb Project, 2017

“I love the idea of the arm being linked to my heartbeat. Genius!
I love the gold, the transparency and how you can see the rods through the arm, the interchangeable hands.. so amazing!”

‘Synchronised’ is a re imagining of the prosthetic arm as a piece of jewellery: a gestural, kinetic addition to the body.

Working alongside Kelly Knox, the project explores the possibilities of prosthetics beyond function to instead create something that is human and visual. The arm is made from electroplated gold carbon fibre, covered in clear acrylic layers that form a mirror of Kelly’s right arm. The internal electronics take a reading of her pulse, and the wrist then ticks in time to her heartbeat. It can continue to tick when she is not wearing the arm. The current model has two hands that can be changed by the wearer, in clear and blue resin.


Kelly Knox
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