Snake Arm

  • Jo-Jo Cranfield wearing the Snake Arm
  • Jo-Jo Cranfield wearing the Snake Arm

Project details

Snake Arm, worn by Jo-Jo Cranfield, British Swimmer, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker and Swimming Teacher

“I’ve never seen the interest in having a prosthetic arm, they are heavy, uncomfortable and not at all practical. I like to be different and I love the fact that having one arm makes me effortlessly different to the majority of people – however, an alternative limb is something entirely different; I wanted people to have to look at me twice with amazement. My alternative limb is so different to any other prosthetic limb I have ever had.I wear it with pride. I’ve never seen a two armed person with snakes crawling into their skin, and even if I did I don’t think it would be so comfy! My alternative arm makes me feel powerful, different and sexy!”

Created by Sophie de Oliveira Barata

Fitted at Queen Mary’s Hospital

Photographed by Rosemary Williams

Make-up artist: Gemma Fee

Materials: silicone / foam piping

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