• Photo by Omkaar Kotedia
  • Photo by Omkaar Kotedia

Project details

Louise Bruton, journalist, wearing Priscilla

“When I was 17, I had my right foot amputated for medical and aesthetic reasons. I was born with a spinal condition that meant I had one leg shorter than the other, so the surgery allowed me to have two feet on the ground. Between the terrible combination of surgery and teenage hormones, the amputation didn’t ground me immediately. It took many identity crises to accept that I was part-cyborg.

My new leg, designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project (ALP) in London, is a monumental change in my life and my way of thinking. Encrusted with gold leaves, silver rope, decadent lace, a pocket watch – just in case – and tattoos, including one of my grandparents on their wedding day and the shark I claim chomped off my leg, this isn’t your average day-to-day leg. I call her Priscilla, after the Queen of the Desert, and she enjoys music festivals and parties.

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Created by Sophie de Oliveira Barata

Photographed by Omkaar Kotedia and Ruth Medjber

Fitted at Cappagh Hospital.

Materials: lace, beads, ink, silicone

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