Hello and welcome to The AltLimb Blog

Since launching the Alternative Limb Project, I’ve been inundated with support and interest, as well as enquiries about how I got here and what I’m currently working on. It’s great to see that people have been inspired by the project, so I’m starting this blog to bring you a little closer to the day to day goings on, what inspires me and some of the incredible people that I get to work with.

To start the ball rolling, here are some quick facts:

  • The Alternative Limb project is me, Sophie de Oliveira Barata. Depending on the project, I enlist the help of other technicians (who I will introduce you to on this blog). Sometimes the projects that I work on mean managing a team of up to 10 people, it’s a challenge but I love working with people with different skill-sets!
  • I work alongside each client’s prosthetist, who build the structure if it’s a full limb ( arm or leg) and then supply it to me for finishing.
  • I make hyper realistic prosthetic limb covers out of silicone and I make ‘alternative’ prosthetic limb covers and sometimes the structure also, out of…well, the possibilities are endless!
  • I have an art background, with a diploma in arts and design and a 1st class honours degree in Special Effects for Film and Television.
  • I’ve probably made approximately 960 realistic prosthetic limbs over the past 13 years, including: fingers, partial  hands and feet, full arm and legs. 
  • Furthest inquiry- Papua New Guinea
  • Thinest layer of silicone commonly applied – 0.2mm
  • Youngest amputee worked with – 4yrs, oldest amputee worked with – 76yrs
  • Most unusual body part request – bottom enhancement for a 60th anniversary
  • Most amount of limbs stored at any one time in freezer – 5
  • Cups of teas it takes to make a limb – on average  83

If you’d like a window into my world of prosthetic limbs, you can follow this blog as well as my other social channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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