Behind the Scenes

Life Before the Alternative Limb Project

I get so many questions asking me how I got into making prosthetic limbs. I was always creative and loved to work with my hands. I was fascinated with the way you could transform someone’s appearance with make-up and prosthetics, turning a human into an alien or monster, turning a young person into an old person, it was all a skillful illusion. I studied Special Effects at the London School of Fashion, which gave me a good foundation. I learned […]

What Inspires Me?

I’m proud to be part of a movement that explores and celebrates body diversity. From sociological, biological and technological perspectives, we as a species are taking our evolution into our own hands. We design our future. We no longer limit ourselves to binary categories. Our bodies are not just practical, they are the windows to our soul: fashion, body language, body building, body modification, makeup, plastic surgery, gender reassignment – our bodies and appearance can be the ultimate expression. This […]

Hello and welcome to The AltLimb Blog

Since launching the Alternative Limb Project, I’ve been inundated with support and interest, as well as enquiries about how I got here and what I’m currently working on. It’s great to see that people have been inspired by the project, so I’m starting this blog to bring you a little closer to the day to day goings on, what inspires me and some of the incredible people that I get to work with. To start the ball rolling, here are […]